Whistle Down
The Wind '96


Whistle Down The Songs

Below are sample lyrics from the songs of Whistle Down The Winds. All lyrics were written by Jim Steinman and are protected under appropriate copyright law.

*Brackets indicate songs not officially titled in the Playbill

Vaults Of Heaven - The keys to the vaults of heaven/May be seen in a pure child's eyes/The keys to the vaults of heaven/May be heard in our desperate cries/Open up the vaults/Open up the vaults/ We've got to find the keys/The nights have been growing darker/They're darker now than sin/We'll open the vaults of heaven/The glories are there within

(I Never Get What I Pray For) - Sometimes I pray that ma comes back to guide us/And I pray dad stops his drinking then/And I pray to meet my savior face to face/So I pray and wait and wonder when/But then/He lets me down again

(Home By Now) - The locus are singing/The sun is red/It's gotten so late somehow/There's gonna be trouble/You know what they said/ We should have been home by now

Grown-Ups Kill Me - Grown-ups kill me/They're so gooney/And they never get anything right/And I wonder/Do they know how they smell/When they kiss you goodnight/Grown-ups kill me/They're so helpless/And they cry at the drop of a hat/And they don't need any reason/Could be this could be that

Scene From Whistle Down The Wind

Whistle Down The Wind - Whistle down the wind/Let your voices carry/Drown out all the rain/Light a patch of darkness/Treacherous and scary/Howl at the stars/Whisper when you're sleeping/Send a flare up in the night/Try and burn a torch/And try to build a bon-fire

The Vow - I always prayed that you would come to save me/Could it be/A wish I made come true/We'll give you shelter from the storm/And from the world outside/You'll be safe/This vow we make to you/We'll never tell/This vow we make to you

Safe Haven - This was a safe haven/Now it's gone/Danger's on it's way/Evil can spread out/Like a stain/And darken all the day/Boundaries won't protect you/Locks and bolts won't work the way they should/For the sake of all the children/Track it down/Root it out for good

Tire Tracks And Broken Hearts - I got a new life waiting/I can't wait to begin it/The thing that gets me down/Being young in this town/Is there's no future in it/Tire tracks and broken hearts/That's all we're leaving behind/Doesn't matter what we're losing/Only matters what we're going to find

If Only - If all we lost/Somehow came back/If all that died/Again would grow/If only it were so/These are the loneliest words I know

Cold - It's cold/And it's getting colder/They're vaccinating Satan/Who's shaking all over pneumonia/It's cold/Like an endless winter/The moon's on the run/And even the sun is cold

When Children Rule The World - All the greatest wishes are granted/Let us sing/Let innocence reign/All the prayers are finally answered/Blessed and free of all pain/Towers of fire/Rise ever higher/Magical flags will be unfurled/The power of song/The young are the strong/The night that children rule the world

Annie Christmas - Charlie never even noticed her at all/Until one day/Until one day/When she wore a very special necklace/And it proved that she was tough and reckless/With a bead for every ear and nose/She had bitten off/So the story goes/When she fought every man that ever did her wrong/And the necklace was already thirty feet long

No Matter What - No matter what they tell us/No matter what they do/No matter what they teach us/What we believe is true/I can't deny what I believe/ I can't be what I'm not/I know this love's forever/That's all that matters now/No matter what

A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - When you listen to the night/You can fall into a dream/Try to stifle every cry/Try to muffle every scream/But the nightmares still go on/And they never, never end/So stop me before I dream again/Somebody stop me before I dream again/So many cries in the night that you try to ignore/Why didn't I do this/Why didn't I do that/So many unanswered prayers/So many unopened doors/Why didn't I take it/Why didn't I make it come true

Wrestle With The Devil - You've got to be prepared to wrestle/Wrestle with the devil in a heartbeat/Before the moment is past/You've got to be prepared to wrestle/Wrestle with the devil in a heartbeat/Or it could be your very last

(The Man's Soliloquy) - Say a prayer for your purest daughter/Toll a bell for your only son/There's no way out/And all my prayer/Are loaded in this gun/Say a prayer for every living thing/The unborn and deceased/But I haven't got a prayer I know/That's the nature of the beast

The Nature Of The Beast - If you go deep down inside my eyes/Do you see a savior, a prophet or even a priest/Do you only see the blackness there/That's the nature of the beast/The one's that you should fear the most/May be the one's you fear the least/If you know me than you have to know/The nature of the beast/There are hungry devils everywhere/It's on my heart they feast/Let me rise above the carcass of/The nature the beast

Whistle Down The Wind (finale) - Every signal that you send/Until the very end/I will not abandon you/My precious friend/So try and stem the tide/Then we'll raise a banner/Send a flare up in the sky/Try and burn a torch/And try to build a bon-fire/Every signal that you send/Until the very end I'm there/So whistle down the wind/For I have always been right there