Original Sin


Pandora's Box 'Original Sin'

By Malcolm Dome
Album Review V2605

Click To Enlarge It may seem a strange thing to say, but Jim Steinman is to Hard Rock what the late director Alfred Hitchcock was to the thriller movie. He uses the genre, bends and shapes its sinews and paradigms into forms that offer both intriguing perversion and also carefully manacled subversion. His tour de force work thus far has always been Meat Loaf's '77 epic LP 'Bat Out Of Hell', which he wrote and oversaw. Now comes his most challenging, brooding, myth-infested work since that headlong cruise along Flagellation Boulevard.

'Original Sin' offers towering flames of melodic edifices, lyrics that delve into all aspects of sexual indulgence and regression. It provides for lapwings of laughter and rain storms of pain. It has orchestral jibes, Metallic kitsch, sub-Disco Gothicism and four female vocalists in Ellen Foley, Elaine Caswell, Gina Taylor and Deliria Wilde who provide brocades of baroque passion and sleazy innocence. This is Jim Steinman. Still cursing the genre that has nurtured him; Still gasping at his own motivations. A genius. Bereft of, and blessed with, all that implies.

Good Girls Go To Heaven
(Bad Girls Go Everywhere)

By Malcolm Dome
Single Review VS 1227

SHEER GENIUS. Baroque eroticism. The Shangri-Las invoked by the spirit of Ken Russell and Lord Byron. Inebriated by the forbidden fruits of Balthazar's Feast and Barbara Steele. Teenage carnal dreams enveloping juvenile sexual fears. Great lyrics, fabulous vocal performance from Deliria Wilde. If Max Steiner had grown up on DW Griffiths, Buddy Holly and Playboy...